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About Us

We are a running specialty store, spread so widely, that we are always located near you. Our site is unique because our expert staff is trained to help the customer find the correct sports item by analyzing the customer's biomechanical and also, emotional needs.

For example, if you intend to buy shoes, we evaluate your foot, your walk and running gait using video technology to help you select the best shoe for your needs. We carry the top of the line running and walking shoes in the country to meet the wants of all our customers. We also carry soccer and tennis shoes. We also have the latest apparel and accessories to meet the most demanding runner's needs. But let’s not forget about the many other sport supplies! We also have triathlon gear and carry swimsuits and goggles. We also carry soccer shin guards and socks. Any sport supply you need, no matter your age, you will find it here, and you will love it. Our concern at our company is your fitness and health.


A 20-year-old experience on the market is what guarantees our quality first of all. Our staff includes health promotion advocates, nutrition specialists, a personal trainer, and people that have coached runners (certified coach) and soccer players. Additionally, the entire staff has received training on biomechanics and selecting the correct item for our customers based on their individual needs, because our company specializes in shoes mostly, which is the item we sell the most. We hope to see you soon! Also check out our Facebook site which is updated with workouts and current happenings. Do not miss promotions and/or giveaways! To contact us or subscribe to our newsletter, e-mail us your name, or even better, your e-mail address, or you can send a message to boss@oursportssite.com.